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COVID 19 message

During these difficult times, health and happiness comes first for everyone at Haptic Recruit, in our community, and whom we work with. Following the spread of COVID-19, we are following our UK Government and the World Health Organisation's advice so we are working from home, staying at home and practising physical distancing on our life changing trips to the supermarkets.

Social distancing on the other hand is on the decline, we are trying to reach out to as many of our studios, network and close community as possible. We know that this is a hard time for everyone, and that's okay. So, whether you are looking to discuss a career move for you, hiring in your studio or you just want to chat – please reach out. Although we all love losing ourselves in a good game, this can be a lonely time too and trust us, we love to talk :)

Please get in touch to find out how we have adapted our service offering for this time. Let’s continue to support each other and grow this glorious industry, virtually of course!

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