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10 Tips to help you nail your gaming job interview

6th April 2019

10 Tips to help you nail your gaming job interview

Interviews in the gaming industry can be extremely daunting however with the right advice you’ll be going into these feeling confident and most likely getting hired!

With this in mind we’ve selected 10 tips to help you smash that interview:

1. Do plenty of research

Learning a little about the company you’re interviewing for goes a long way when it comes to standing out from the rest. So make sure you’ve browsed their website, social media pages and previous work.

Studios are most favourable to someone that can display good knowledge of their existing games and company history – plus it will give you a great insight into what you’re applying for!

2. Wear something comfortable

Unlike the majority of tech companies most development studios have a laid back working culture. However, this doesn’t mean turn up in your shorts and an old t-shirt, but just keep in mind that by overdressing not only can it show that you’re not familiar with the industry but it’s also can be extremely uncomfortable for you!

3. Practice test style questions

An interview won’t be like an exam you sit at school, however there will be a few questions that require quick thinking to solve a problem and even tasks for you to complete.

The team at Haptic Recruit will be on hand to prepare you for what to expect in the interview but practice at home will be extremely advantageous.

4. Remember what you’re good at

It’s you that’s applying for the position and it’s you that’s been chosen for the interview… they must have liked something! Drawing from previous experience and displaying examples of your work will really impress the interviewer.

Remeber when answering questions try to link each one with an example of your previous work, education or even social experience – getting to know the candidate is a very important step in the hiring process.

5. Take a chill pill

No… not literally, that would be a sure way to fail the interview. What we mean is just relax when you’re being interviewed… and yes that’s easier said than done, however keep in mind that you’re just speaking to another human being – sometimes the interviewer can be more nervous than the interviewee!

What we’re trying to say here is that you perform best when you’re comfortable and relaxed, so take a few deep breaths if you need to and remember to take your time.

6. Make sure you get there on time

No one likes to be waiting especially the interviewer so plan your route ahead of the day and make sure you leave plenty of time for any possible delays. Time keeping is a valuable asset when it comes to working in a project-focused industry.

7. Play video games!

This tip goes hand in hand with researching the company… thought it’s much more fun!

Development Studios not only hire a clever mind but a passionate one too, taking a real interest into their latest release will really impress them, more so if you’ve been a life long fan of one of their franchises. So sit back, turn the lights off and start playing!

8. Don’t lie

I shouldn’t have to include this point, but there are so many cases out there where a little white lie turns into a monster that will haunt them for the rest of their career!

If you don’t know something then just be honest, interviewers value honesty and by approaching this head on they’ll be more confident in what you’re saying you CAN do. If you don’t know an answer to a question then just say upfront and that you’ll research this after the interview.

9. Ask your friends

Most friendship groups are more than happy to offer opinions… sometimes even when you don’t want them to! This is why it’s important to speak to your peers about their interview experiences and what tips they’d suggest.

But don’t be put off by any horror stories and the majority of these are very rare cases and probably won’t happen to you. You could ask a few friends to run through a mock interview with you… who says role play is just for the bedroom.

10. Follow up immediately

This one is fairly important to do within the next 24 hours of being interviewed. Just send them a quick email thanking them for the interview opportunity and that you’re looking forward to hearing from them.

This displays professional courtesy and politeness – but keep it to just a thank you, so no questions like “so how did I do”, “when will I find out” and “did you like me… please say you liked me” – you’ll just come across as needy!

Hopefully these tips will help you secure your dream job, but if you need any more help or have any questions relating to the gaming industry then please feel free to contact either James or Hannah, or head over to our contact us page to arrange a meeting!

Best of luck!

Written by Alex

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