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Backend Developer

Posted on: 15th September 2019

The Mission

Haptic recruit is working on the behalf of an illustrious studio based in London, they are dedicated to building innovative and creative games. Set up in 2006 by four industry veterans from major studios EA, Playfish and Glu. This studio has grown from strength to strength and are looking to take the studio to the next level after receiving funding of 6Mil investment from the same VC's that funded Supercell and King.

Got What It Takes?

The Studio are looking to hire highly motivated and talented individual with the skills to help deliver exciting projects and work in all phases of the development lifecycle. 

The Role You Play

As Server Developer at the studio you will create scalable backend code for fun and engaging mobile games with millions of users along with this you will work as part of a highly skilled team to develop new game features and maintain popular games.

The Must Have’s

  • Passion for developing highly scalable web services that power popular games
  • Software craftsperson with a diligent programming mentality and zero tolerance for bugs
  • Excellent understanding of programming best practices and data-driven design
  • Experience writing automated software tests and writing testable code
  • Self-driven and excel at completing tasks in a minimally supervised environment
  • Able to communicate ideas from abstract game features to complex technical designs
  • Comfortable working in a small team on high impact features
  • Degree or equivalent in Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics or a related subject

Good to Have Up Your Sleeve

  • JavaScript devotee aware of current ecosystem and upcoming changes
  • Experience working with databases, ideally NoSQL databases such as MongoDB
  • Knowledge of commonly used web security techniques
  • Experience developing real-time client-server applications
  • Designed, written, deployed, debugged and maintained web services with 100k+ DAU
  • Devop with experience of cloud platforms such as GCP, Heroku, MongoDB Atlas

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