Lead Level Designer

Posted on: 11th May 2023

About the Studio

Founded by veterans of the PC modding scene almost ten years ago, this video game studio has only one thing in mind: to develop the most realistic, thrilling tactical games in the marketplace. Carefully blending historical accuracy, large-scale battles, and teamwork tools and priorities like few other games have, this developer has landed three impressive, compelling multiplayer war simulation games on Steam.

Now, this company is using their broad experience in tactical first-person shooters to develop a new game for a cherished science-fiction IP that will surely bring nostalgic feelings to its audience. Will you lead the charge and bring the fight to their enemies’ homes? Service warrants citizenship!

Responsibilities and Requirements

  • Manage a team of level designers, assigning areas of responsibility, overseeing reviews and providing feedback
  • Recognise the individual abilities of each member of your team, mentoring them through regular 1:1 meetings, as well as in formal reviews
  • Represent the level design team’s interests and needs to external groups, provide regular updates to stakeholders, and collate feedback into tasks for your team
  • Work with technical and environment artists to identify required tools and other special requirements
  • Create and share design documentation with artists and other designers to communicate goals, references, and points of interest
  • Be an advocate for the player’s experience, ensuring that maps created by your team contribute to an engaging player experience and meet the product’s goals
  • Collaborate with game designers to create levels that promote the game’s design and mechanics
  • Establish level design best practices and optimal workflow between level design and environment artists
  • Regularly review design and development work to ensure execution is in line with overall vision and quality standards
  • Manage a library of 20+ live maps, finding and fixing bugs and assuring older maps are updated to meet quality standards
  • Help organise new map playtests and gather feedback from the team, QA, and playtesters outside the team

About You

  • 7+ years of Level Design experience
  • Experience managing a team of level designers and helping guide the creative vision and development process
  • Strong organisational skills working with production to ensure a steady release schedule
  • A high degree of familiarity with Unreal Engine and other map designing and editing packages
  • Strong understanding of how to make interesting, varied, and engaging gameplay through level layouts, hot spots, and points of interest
  • An understanding of how to balance between game aesthetics and technical limitations

Benefits and Perks

This studio is a fast-paced and dynamic place to work. Although based in Canada, their distributed development model allows them to work remotely within North America. By choosing to work with this studio, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Competitive salary
  • Health and dental benefits
  • Wellness spending account
  • Retirement savings plan
  • Employee stock purchase plan
  • Three weeks of paid vacation and two weeks of paid studio shutdown over the December holiday period
  • Wonderful colleagues!

About Us

At Haptic, we know that people-first recruitment is fundamental to our success. We work closely with talented candidates and innovative studios to offer the best opportunities and build the most promising teams.

Operating on the belief that a studio’s strength comes from the team they build to bring their ideas to life, we are committed to assembling the most talented, diverse game makers.

As part of this pledge, whenever you apply for a job with us, one of our specialist recruiters will support you through each stage. From introductions and interviews to accepting an offer and submitting your resignation, we’re always here to help.

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