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Lead Producer

Posted on: 20th May 2020

Once upon a time…

A studio with more than 16 years’ experience in the industry, creating compelling games that have been brought to life on millions of screens across the globe. Today, they are a leading developer in the German console and PC market, has created award-winning titles on different platforms and working on original IP’s.

With a very exciting future and a recent release of an upcoming IP. They are committed on delivering amazing gameplay on classic genres, leveraging the latest technologies to create richer, more detailed, ray-traced environments, all in 4K and 60FPS.

The role you play...

  • Take ownership for the whole project
  • Aligning ideas and vision with local management and producing team.
  • Close collaboration with your leadership crew on the project, such as Creative Director, Art Director, Audio Director and Lead Programmer
  • Ensuring the delivery of the best game possible, in quality, time and budget
  • Planning, control, supervision and documentation of game development processes together with Project Managers
  • Responsibility for meeting deadlines
  • Process optimization utilizing effective conflict and time management and intensive internal & external communication
  • Coordination of quality management and localization
  • Team management and supervision
  • The direction of the daily operations of the respective development team (including mentoring, early detection of potential risks, adherence to time limits and quality requirements)
  • Estimation and adjustment of general strategies as well as specific game designs, game concepts, and user feedback

What we are looking for…

  • Minimum of 5 years previous experience in a similar position is a must, ideally with experience on AAA console titles
  • Shipped at least 2 titles (preferably on console)
  • Steady in ownership under uncertain circumstances
  • Outstanding organisation and multitasking talents combined with the ability to meet deadlines
  • Proven leadership abilities and strong communication skills
  • Good understanding of large-scale production pipelines is beneficial
  • Assertiveness accompanied with strong social skills and capacity for teamwork
  • Strong ability to work under pressure and resolve problems and conflicts
  • Experience in dealing with competitive requirements and priorities
  • Very good knowledge of the English language (written and spoken)
  • Self-contained, motivated and aim-oriented way of working as well as a high level of self-motivation.

If you don’t already live in Hamburg…Welcome to the good life!

  • Hamburg is picked as ‘One of the most liveable cities in the World’.
  • The city has 2 stunning lakes at its heart, used for sailing and regattas!
  • It's a little-known fact that Hamburg has more bridges inside its city limits than any other city in the world and more canals than Amsterdam and Venice combined.
  • Fantastic for families and wonderful schooling systems.
  • It’s a fantastic gaming and tech hub – home to the likes of Google and Facebook!
  • The city is brimming with personality, has a rich culture and famous for its music scene.

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