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Senior Animation Programmer

Posted on: 5th May 2021

Once upon a game… 

Founded in 2020 by 3 ambitious co-founders and supported by Epic Games, this studio is developing a F2P third-person action MOBA for PC and console. With a core team already in place, they’re currently looking to bring in talented people in several key senior positions.

They have recently closed millions in seed funding and will be closing an additional Series A funding round in the next 6 months adding an additional 5+ year runway with support from some of the best VCs and Angels in the industry.

Additionally, they already have an active and engaged discord following of 40k+ members with early access release scheduled for this year.

The role you play…

Joining the team as a Senior Animation Programmer you will help to shape the future of the game, working closely with the development teams to create visceral animations that align with the game's vision.

What your week might look like…

  • Responsible for the development of gameplay and animation systems, while driving and defining their upcoming multiplayer title
  • Participating in animation system design, troubleshooting and problem resolution
  • Develop advanced animation, automation systems, as well as gameplay features
  • Work side-by-side Technical Artists, Animators, and Gameplay Engineers
  • Helping to build a world-class engineering and animation team
  • Working collaboratively to ensure all deadlines are met

What we are looking for…

  • Strong C++ programmer
  • Experience solving animation and character-related problems within game development
  • Experience working on server/client based multiplayer title is desirable
  • Skills in orientation warping, turn-in place, speed warping, distance matching, melee twist and elbow twist would be great!
  • Excellent understanding of body mechanics and realistic animation
  • Fantastic communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate effectively in both technical and non-technical terms
  • The ability to work closely with others as well as independently
  • A strong portfolio showcasing a range of styles and expressing your creative ability


  • Familiar with the MOBA genre
  • Unreal Engine experience 
  • Prior experience working on AAA multiplayer titles

What you can look forward to…

  • Opportunity to work fully remote
  • Stock options
  • Ability to be heavily involved from the beginning - perks of being a start-up
  • Defining the studio's culture as they grow

If you don’t already live in London – Welcome to the good life…

  • One of the most multicultural cities in the World
  • Leading global city in everything from the arts and fashion, technology to gaming
  • Over 7,000 pubs, 270 underground stations and numerous shops, bars, restaurants, castles and even the famous Harry Potter studio
  • Schools within walking distances
  • Hundreds of parks, free museums and art galleries
  • And we haven’t even mentioned that it's the hub for Gaming in Europe.

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