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Senior Game Developer

Posted on: 25th September 2020

Once Upon A Game...

One of the leading Hyper Casual mobile game companies in the UK, creating highly addictive and hugely successful games enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

Their games have had 31+ million downloads in just 3 years and games published by Voodoo, Lion Studios and Kwalee. 

With major success during this time they are now building out their engineering team to start the next stage of growth. 

The Role You Play...

Joining them as a Senior Game Developer you will work closely with the other developers, guiding, mentoring and supporting them creatively when producing hit games.

You will be involved in creating exciting, scalable mobile games, played by millions. It is highly important that you have a good understanding of the mobile games market and the everchanging trends within this field.

What your week might look like...

  • You will be a crucial member of a small, talented team who assists each other in developing their personal skills throughout the creation process.
  • Writing a strong code base that will be consistently successful.
  • Working with some of the best publsihers in the world in the hyper casual and casual market - Voodoo, Kwalee, Lion Studios etc.
  • Supporting your own ideas surrounding new game features.
  • Creating new and exciting hit games.

What we are looking for...

  • Experience in deconstructing, analysing and adapting mobile game mechanics
  • 4+ Years of professional experience in a Unity project or impactful gaming project
  • The ability to speak and write in English
  • A creative/ hacker mindset
  • Experience in the sector of professional game development
  • A track record of successful mobile game development
  • A substantial amount of gameplay experience

What you can look forward to...

  • The ability to work remotely if desired
  • The studio is based in a sunny Kent seaside town with a state of the art office space (including a slide!!)
  • You will be given access to seminars and development conferences
  • Competitive salary
  • Bonuses are given out (over the past 3 years these have resulted in an extra 7.5k - 10k each year)
  • Regular Hackathons and Game Jams

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Game Developer

Posted on: 20th October 2020

Once upon a game...

A  brand new studio with VC funding looking to re-write the rules and set the standards for fitness gaming. Developing the first experience of its kind; using both hardware and software to combine compelling gaming with high-intensity exercise.

They are on a social mission to create a guilt-free game that allows you to meet your fitness goals whilst delivering an incredible gaming experience.

The founders are looking to build their core team and are really looking for those gaming experts to go on this journey with them. Help bring their mission alive, have a real impact on a project that's going to be industry-setting.

Have the opportunity to be part of something from the beginning, in just 3 months they have sold over £550K of preorders and raised millions in investment.

The role you play...

Joining the team as a Game Developer, working on their launch title, in which players will get fit by playing fully immersive fantasy games.

What your week might look like...

  • Working with the Technical Director in order to create milestones and achieve objectives.
  • Mentoring Junior Developers
  • Building and iterating in-game features
  • Displaying a passion for game creation

What we are looking for...

  • A strong portfolio of game development experience
  • 4+ years of game development experience
  • Ability to change and face high-pressure situations
  • Someone who relishes or is interested in working in a startup

Nice to have:

  • 1+ years experience of working on a shipped online multiplayer Unity game
  • At least one Action/RPG/Combat title
  • Experience in procedural generation
  • Knowledge and experience in advanced Unity animation (blending, IK, procedural)

What you can look forward to...

  • Negotiable equity
  • Working in a new industry, new tech and new gaming environment
  • Free books: they will add anything you need to their library
  • The studio works on a zero ego basis. Anyone can come up with fantastic ideas and everyone is listened to
  • Discounted bikes: You can save up to 25%+ through their cycle-to-work scheme
  • The opportunity for personal growth, there will be an opportunity for consistent feedback that focuses on building up your strong qualities rather than targeting weaknesses
  • Player based focus rather than business

 If you don’t already live in London – Welcome to the good life!

  • One of the most multicultural cities in the World
  • Leading global city in everything from the arts and fashion, technology to gaming
  • Over 7,000 pubs, 270 underground stations and numerous shops, bars, restaurants, castles and even the famous Harry Potter studios
  • Schools in walking distances
  • Hundreds of parks, free museums and art galleries
  • And we haven’t even mentioned that’s it’s the hub for Gaming in Europe

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