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Senior Producer

Posted on: 9th September 2022

About the Studio

If you have always wanted to join a studio that can change how you see interactive gaming, this may be your chance. Take part in a small but ambitious studio that aims to push the boundaries of what is capable on Web3, exploring new narrative techniques and delivering high-quality experiences in the gaming space.

Assembled only by seven people, this studio’s cumulative knowledge comes across several genres and scopes. Their debut project in Web3 tells a sci-fi story about a ragtag band of explorers who leave Earth to terraform our Solar system into a thriving garden.

Help them rebuild the future of humankind — and gaming as well!

Responsibilities and Requirements

As a Senior Producer, you will join the studio’s team in London to work on its first game: a walking sim, puzzle, and sci-fi experience made entirely for WebGL.

You will manage the production and development of all interactive projects that constitute said game, organising a multidisciplinary team of artists, designers, QA, and programmers.

You will also liaise with each project Lead to set the best workflow and processes possible, ensuring development is up to the highest standards while remaining on budget and schedule.

About You

Demonstrable expertise in Project Management is paramount to the success of this role. Business and technical acumen are essential throughout the development cycle, while people skills are crucial to ensure a positive working environment.

  • Prior, considerable experience in a Producer role
  • Skilful in Agile/Scrum techniques
  • Knowledge of sprint planning and project management with Jira
  • Understanding of LEAN development principles
  • Well-developed communication skills, both individually and as part of a growing, ambitious young team
  • Solid emotional intelligence, willing to ensure a positive team culture

Benefits and Perks

  • Four-day working week, ensuring a healthy life-work balance
  • Equalised pay boundaries across all disciplines
  • Hybrid remote options - you can either work at the studio’s central London office or work remotely as long as you are in GMT hours

About Us

At Haptic, we know that people-first recruitment is fundamental to our success. We work closely with talented candidates and innovative studios to offer the best opportunities and build the most promising teams.

Operating on the belief that a studio’s strength comes from the team they build to bring their ideas to life, we are committed to assembling the most talented, diverse game makers.

As part of this pledge, whenever you apply for a job with us, one of our specialist recruiters will support you through each stage. From introductions and interviews to accepting an offer and submitting your resignation, we’re always here to help.

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