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Senior Unity Programmer

Posted on: 1st August 2019

The Mission

Haptic recruit are working on the behalf of an illustrious studio Based in Stockholm, Sweden, they are currently on the lookout for talented individuals who can innovate and play a major role in the taking the studio to the next level, after their last IP success and to help the development of new mobile titles.

  • Founded in Early 2000’s
  • Approximately 300 Million Euro’s in annual revenue.
  • Have had over 3Billion download of their games
  • The surrounding peace, pure nature and solitude of the location have given birth to their creativity. It gave results to them in games about the likes and dislikes of the gaming industry.
  • More than 30 famous titles have been launched worldwide.


Have You Got What It Takes?

As a skilled developer you will be an important member of the team helping to find solutions in programming, including mobile game optimizations, social features, UI, as well as on the backend systems and database.

The Role You Play

  • Help the programming team to take the game to make different version.
  • Architect and implement game features and systems
  • Maintain and improve the basics of the programming language.
  • Share knowledge within the team.
  • Help in improving process, tools and different ways where the team can perform


The Must Have’s

  • Extensive experience of Programming of atleast 2 years.
  • Extremely skilled in C#.
  • Hands on game development experience in commercial mobile projects.

Good to have:

  • Clearly understands of mobile platforms and hardware
  • Enthusiastic in playing mobile f2p RPGs
  • Command over mobile backends
  • Proficient in debugging, profiling and performance optimization
  • Broad knowledge of game architecture and technologies (gameplay, rendering, physics, AI, networking)


The Perks

  • Clearly understands the mobile platforms and hardware to be used.
  • Dedicated in playing mobile f2p RPGs
  • Mastery in Mobile Backends.
  • Capable of de-bugging, profiling and performance optimization.

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