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Posted on: 29th September 2020

Once upon a game...

A studio was founded by 2 final year students at University, their first game got 2Million hits and 3 years later they reached 100+ Million players! Fast forward to 2017, they have 3 offices, have a super successful cross-platform portfolio and are still proudly wearing the indie crown.

Their creative director and chief in command of some of their most successful games has a brainwave, it was this studio, so 3 years ago they founded a wonderful studio in Guilford.

A studio with its own IP, identity, team, culture etc but leans on its big sister studio for financial support and shares ideas, talent, resources when necessary.

They are pouring heart and soul into developing exciting titles that provide players with surprising, polished and high-quality experiences that are able to cut through a crowded marketplace. Working across original and highly acclaimed IPs to create a World-class games studio.

The role you play...

Join them as a UI Artist - where you will deliver premium-quality games from day one, while growing as part of a small team working with original properties and highly-acclaimed IPs to create a world-class games studio.

What your week might look like...

  • Having a major role in the game's visual identity, striving for exceptional quality across the art discipline
  • Improve, steamline and develop art/pipelines and documentation across the game
  • UI/UX - Helping the art lead with creation of wireframes, UI assets and implementation
  • Document best practises by working closesly with the team and assist in solving design-related and production-related art challenges
  • Produce characterful concepts and final assets in the game style
  • Team from the top gaming companies in the World.

What we are looking for...

  • Proven ability to design UI for video games and an ability to create assets that catch the style and tone of the game
  • Knowledge of composition and visual hierarchy for improved UI
  • Skilled with generating ideas/concepts/thumbs in 2D
  • Understanding of platform requirements, e.g. Mobile/Console
  • Clear annotation of work for handover to artists/designers/engineers
  • Highly experienced in Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop
  • Experience implementing UI into Unity and UI/interaction design and UX pipelines and workflow
  • Ability to follow best practice and seek agreement on direction by presenting various well drafted/grounded ideas before commencing final art

What you can look forward to...

  • Best of a startup, you won’t just be another developer, your impact will be real, your voice will be heard and your role in the project will be weighty with tons of autonomy
  • With none of the risks – backed and supported by a big player in the space
  • Excited by the chance to join a rapidly growing team, from some of the best gaming companies in the world, and help us set and achieve a new standard of quality and efficiency!
  • Pushing out of their comfort zone is key, change won’t be a challenge, it will be welcome
  • Be a big fish in a small pond, huge ambitions but none of the bureaucracy, quick decision making
  • Working Bafta-nominated individuals from some of the most successful studios in the World
  • Grow with the studio. Care about your personal career path; listen, review and act
  • Big emphasis on working with the latest tech and personal growth.

If you don't already live in Guildford - welcome to the good life!

  • Voted one of the best places to live in the UK
  • London on your doorstep, without having to live in the big smoke - only 25 mins into central London
  • Perfect balance between rural and city life
  • Home to landscaped gardens, riverbanks and vast areas of natural beauty
  • Some of the best schools in the country
  • Lovely old town, with a rich history
  • Named the ‘Hollywood of Video Games’ – home to some of the biggest names in gaming making for a wonderful gaming community that pulls together to share big ideas.

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