Unity Developer

Posted on: 21st June 2022

About the Studio

Bring people together through shared play, making the most of our screen time with the work of a social-focused, immersive game studio. Harnessing a new concept of gaming that includes projection mapping, touch screens, motion tracking, and more, we create a competitive, friendly-spirited space where players need to work together to win.

We proudly share a fast-paced, flexible environment with only one goal in mind: delivering the funniest, most immersive social experiences on the marketplace.

Responsibilities and Requirements

We are looking for a freelance game developer with a unique skillset, motivated by the need to connect people through innovative, high-tech scenarios and deeply social moments. In that sense, you will work closely with our Content team to plan, build, and execute either new concepts or out-of-the-box refreshments of previously existing ones.

If you like to change and flow freely between roles and suggestions, feel free to do so. Whether you are a creative thinker or an advocate for purer, intuitive user experiences, we are sure we will grow together with you as you bring your best to our studio.

Your day-to-day experience will pretty much look like this:

  • Participating in regular meetings with the VP of Content and the team, presenting them with your planning and methodology for each project
  • Working closely with the Engineering team to build robust, highly flexible game loops
  • Collaborating with the Design team to bring their ideas to life
  • Meeting the Art team frequently to refine and establish each game’s art direction and features as needed

About You

Central requirements and skills for this position are as follows:

  • 3+ years of experience in game development, preferably with a broad coding portfolio to show
  • Superb knowledge of Unity and Git
  • Considerable experience working with multi-disciplinary teams
  • Proficient at working in either start-up or early-stage environments
  • Knowledgeable in FMOD Studio, Dependency Injection frameworks, Unity Playmode and Editmode testing

This position also demands a creative but pragmatic approach to each challenge and development stage. As such, we expect you to harness these skills efficiently:

  • Out-of-the-box thinking: being able to find new angles and ways to solve creative questions — there’s always room for improvement in each project, and more than one solution for each problem
  • Proficient in self-management — we are here for the results, expecting the best no matter what strategy or road you pick
  • Responsive to a data-driven, customer-centric environment
  • Able to work on-site at our offices when testing games or central features

And please, do not forget the most important thing: have fun! It’s all about the journey.

About Us

At Haptic Recruit, we know that people-first recruitment is fundamental to our success. We work closely with talented candidates and innovative studios to offer the best opportunities and build optimal teams.

Operating on the belief that a studio’s strength comes from the team they build to bring their ideas to life, we nurture the most talented, diverse game makers.

As part of this commitment, whenever you apply for a job with us, one of our specialist recruiters will support you each step. From introductions and interviews to accepting an offer and submitting your resignation, we’re always here to help.

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