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In Germany’s capital city, you will often here the term "Alles gut" which literally translates to "All’s good!". With 3,000 lakes dotted around the city to swim in, al fresco nightclubs, fantastic public transport, more vegan eateries than LA, independent coffees, outdoor picnic tables, flea markets, cycle-friendly roads, boats to rent, green space aplenty and a booming creative industry you will be forever exploring.

Gaming Space Gaming space

Berlin is home to numerous indie studios and industry leaders, there’s now over 140 gaming studios which generate €255 Million annually. Some of the biggest names include Wooga, Etermax and Klang Games. You can meet gaming talents from all over the world, extensive industry networks, and plenty of international events.

Location Relocation

Of the city’s 3.5 million population, about one million migrated there or descend from families who did. People have always found compelling reasons to move to the German capital, like its excellent standard of living, cultural offering, and, more recently, its start-up and technology community. Germany has the world’s fourth-largest economy, and compared to other European cities, living in Berlin is relatively affordable. 

Family Families

Berlin is super family friendly, with tons to do for fun and beautiful parks. Spend more time with your family with a great work life balance, Germans work on average 26 hours compared to 32 in the UK. Also, its super easy to find accommodation and 85% of people in Berlin rent rather than own. There is a fantastic choice for schooling but finding a Kita (childcare before 6) can be difficult if you don’t know where to look. 

Beer When in town

 Visit Gameon, Berlins largest gaming space featuring arcade games, an e-sports area with console and PC games, VR, board games, gaming tournaments. 


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