Don’t let Brighton’s traditional British seaside reputation fool you – it’s a cultural hub and one of the UK’s top centres for game creation, and a magnet for talent. Brighton is just another example of how key gaming hub’s can operate outside capital cities. From its bustling old town lanes to its highly acclaimed restaurants and too many English pubs to count; Brighton has something to offer everyone.

Gaming Space Gaming space

With nearly 100 studios, it is a well-established, well connected hub, that offers not only fantastic employment opportunities, but also a close-knit gaming network. Home to leading game studios such as Brightrock, Westpier and High-rez, well established studios are expanding their office space into this tech and gaming hotspot to reach a growing market. Brighton has also been the host of internationally renowned conferences, most notably Develop: Brighton, where Shuhei Yoshida offered the opening keynote last year.

Location Relocation

Brighton is only 50 miles south of London on the Sussex Coast, it’s a very desirable location families, commuters, and young professionals alike to move to. With a beautiful coastline to explore, the South Downs on your doorstep, and property prices lower than London, Brighton has much to offer its residents. With a high quality of life in this environmentally friendly city. 

Family Families

hton offers tons of family fun from the World-famous Brighton rock to amazing parks and museums. They have a fantastic mix of public and bilingual schools that are all rated minimum of good by Ofsted.  They have no shortage of wonderful housing both walking distance to the city centre and beach, also, offering large gardens on the outskirts of the city. 

Top Tips Top Tip

KeepA real knock out: Make sure you catch ‘I am Arcade’, a gamers night that offers competitive gaming in a socially acceptable and fun space with like minded individuals!


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