Although we may be biased given that its home to our Haptic HQ – we love London. One of the most multicultural cities in the World with over 300 languages spoken in the capital, as well as being home to the largest four-faced clock, we’re also the birthplace of Harry Potter, and the world’s longest serving monarch in history – Queen Liz. London is a leading global city in everything from the arts and fashion, technology to banking.

Gaming Space Gaming space

The UK’s games industry is the largest in Europe, and it’s clear to see why some of the world’s fastest growing games businesses are choosing London. The city offers VGTR and is already home to over 600 games companies. Sports Interactive, usTwo (Monument Valley) and Rocksteady (Batman Arkham) are all based in London. EA, Rockstar Games and Ubisoft also have offices in the capital.

Location Relocation

London is very much what you make of it, the option is there to live any kind of lifestyle you want to live. If you are a young professional and want to sample most of our 7000 pubs you can do that, if you have a family and want to m With an underground network of 270 stations to relatively straightforward to relocate too, 270 stations, 249 miles. 

Family Families

Life for a family in London is often misunderstood and can be incredible for families with children of all ages. There are plenty of areas which are mostly occupied by families with schools in walking distances. There’s also amazing towns and villages in the outskirts still easily commutable into the city so you get the best of both Worlds. Day out at one of our hundreds of parks, free museums and art galleries. From toddlers to teenagers alike, you will have an incredible experience growing up in and around London. 

Top Tips Top Tip

Pay a visit to Red Bull’s Gaming Sphere. It is the UK’S largest public eSports studio; enabling you to mingle with likeminded gamers, challenge yourself to a space in leader boards and learn from the creme de la crème of the London space like Fnatic.


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