Los Angeles

Los Angeles

The city is home to many world-famous celebrities in both the music and film industries and is experiencing an explosive population growth. We can only presume it’s due to the stunning beaches, desirable climate, over 300 attractions and of course the iconic Hollywood sign. Silicon Valley – home to multi-million-dollar startups and global tech companies including Apple, Facebook and Google to name but a few.

Gaming Space Gaming space

LA hasn’t forgotten gaming either, there are 331 gaming companies in Los Angeles, with around 15,000 employees in the space, making this city the countries industry leader. Many of the top developers including Riot Games (League of Legends), Activision Blizzard (Call of Duty), Electronic Arts (Fifa) and Sony’s Santa Monica branch (God of War) are based here. It is also notorious for being the host of numerous conventions, expos and conferences – from Electronics Entertainment Expo to the LA Games Conference.

Location Relocation

LA as a county has something to offer everyone due to its sheer size, there are 87 other cities in Los Angeles County. From the 10,000-foot and sometimes snow-capped mountains and the 100-degree heat of the Valley; the county is 4,751 square milesyou’ll definitely have room to breathe! From the calm to fast, from the party to the family. Picking a neighbourhood you like is supremely important, but with over 65% of people renting, there will be plenty of options. It's the third-largest public transit system, solid bike-share systems Last year, there were just 44 cloudy days. 

Family Families

It’s more famous for some of the best museums, zoos, aquariums, beaches, parks, and some exceptionally kid-friendly malls, plus everything from skiing to sailing in a few hours drive! From these cultural events, the parks, dining to shopping, LA offers more adventures than small Countries! There are plenty of neighbourhoods around Los Angeles that are exceptional for families; some of them are even among the top in the country for schools and safety. LA offers both public and private schools, within walking distance. Also, a hugely diverse city with a melting point of cultures, norms and values. 


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