The city is Sweden’s cultural epicentre; its modern, dynamic and ever-changing. Boasting a plethora of museums and attractions as well as the beautiful architecture evident in its Old Town, the Gamla Stan. The Beauty on Water and the Venice of the North are proof of why Stockholm is ideal for gamers looking to relocate somewhere not only culturally rich, but also at the forefront of technology.

Gaming Space Gaming space

It is estimated that 1 in 10 people have played a game produced in Sweden, and you can see why. With gaming giants Dice, Mojang, and Paradox Interactive all based there, and producing games such as Minecraft, Candy Crush and Battlefield, Stockholm is one of the world’s leading hubs for gamers!

Location Relocation

It has a lot to offer to urbanites and outdoor enthusiasts alike. It’s the perfect combination of “city buzz” and beautiful green space, the winters are cold, but the summers are beautiful. Cobblestone streets will guide you through the old parts of the city, lined with historic residences atop high waterfront hills. They have fantastic healthcare, education systems and pubic transport. The city is an amazing place with a distinct but welcoming culture. It’s a little tricky to navigate initially with securing long term accommodation but once settled, life is well worth it! 

Family Families

Stockholm has a small-town feeling but offers an adventure to explore, The Swedish archipelago (skärgård) consists of 24,000 rocky islands. Stockholm itself is located on 14 of them, connected by 52 bridges, ferries and waterways. Its environmentally friendly and tech savvy city offers something to children for all ages, Childcare services are available for all children from one year of age, and is paid according to your income. Children attend school from 6-16 and 90% until 18. Sweden has one of the most generous parent leave systems in the world. Parents are granted 480 days of leave per child, and 420 of these days are paid at a rate of 80% of your salary! 

Top Tips Top Tip

Not only is there an entire museum dedicated to the city’s biggest export – ABBA. If you’re not a fan of the iconic band you can check out the Vasa Museum, showcasing the world’s only fully intact 17th century ship that was salvaged from the Stockholm seabed!


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