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Backend Engineer

Posted on: 27th August 2020

Once upon a game...

Founded by a marvellous man in 2012 who thought Global from the outset, with the vision to create World leading mobile games which put players first.

Now 8 years on, 120 people strong and their games being played in 150 countries!

With a strong portfolio of original and highly acclaimed IPs under their belt, they made a World-class partnership last year with the Queen (and King) of mobile games, this turbocharged their studio and allowed them to innovate and take risks with a backer that trusts them and thinks long-term.

This gives them a wonderful big sister to lean on in terms of resources, talent and advice both with the ambition to make mobile games for a Global audience.

Now with 85% of their studio chasing the next big hit, they have a huge few years ahead.

The role you play...

You will be required to work alongisde a small team helping with design features, problem solving and working with complex scalable problems. They are looing to find a skilled and experience Backend Engineer who can work efficiently in a fast-paced environment and has a passion for technology and games.

What your week might look like...

  • You will be required to contribute a great deal to the design process and your ideas will be taken on board.
  • There will be time in the week to focus on other ideas and concpets you may have in order to stimulate creativity.
  • You will be a member of several small, but driven teams working together to create fantastic games.
  • You will be encouraged to further your training whilst working with them, however you will be aided by a generous training budget.

What we are looking for...

  • They require that you have excellent communication skills
  • Excellent Server engineering skills
  • Experience working with NoSQL systems
  • A great deal of Java/Scala experience
  • Knowledge and experience of working in a client-server environment.
  • Background in a service based architecture.
  • Experience and a passion for functional programming.

What you can look forward to...

You will be able to work within a small team contributing your own ideas and having a great deal of control over the success of this project. There will be opportunites to display your own concepts and expand your creative horizons.

If you don’t already live in London – Welcome to the good life!

  • One of the most multicultural cities in the World
  • Leading global city in everything from the arts and fashion, technology to gaming
  • Over 7,000 pubs, 270 underground stations and numerous shops, bars, restaurants, castles and even the famous Harry Potter studio
  • Schools in walking distances
  • Hundreds of parks, free museums and art galleries
  • And we haven’t even mentioned that’s it’s the hub for Gaming in Europe.


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