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**Exclusive role** - Lead Programmer

Posted on: 14th July 2020

Once upon a game...

An indie studio which made one of the most recognised mobile games on the planet. 31 international awards, over 170mil+ downloads and partnerships with Tencent and Apple Arcade.

This game took the world by storm, redefining what a mobile and premium game could be to its players and the industry.

We are now looking for an experienced programmer to join the studio on the next game in the series to work on our most recognised IP.  You will help guide the technical development of our games from inception to delivery, guiding a world class development team to another storming success.

The role you play...

Join them as a Lead Programmer where you will be responsible for making extraordinary products by promoting great collaboration between disciplines and ensuring overall engineering quality.

What your week might look like...

  • Project leadership and managing direct reports, mentoring and supporting personal development within the team
  • Leading the programming team, helping to plan and guide the dev team and other diciplines.
  • Guiding engineering work from initial prototype to post release support, adapting to suit various project stages
  • Liaising with project leads to make decisions that take into account technical cost and risk
  • Developing and maintaining good code quality and working practices
  • Writing codes, doing code reviews, collaborating with artists and designers and bringing ideas to life
  • Creating a codebase that can be iterated during development and is efficient and sustainable post release.

What we are looking for...

  • Good understanding of game development, both creative and technical areas of production
  • Experienced in the games industry, with Unity experience
  • People management experience within multi-disciplinary teams
  • Worked on released titles on mobile platforms

What you can look forward to...

Join the studio and work on the next game in the series. You will join the team who worked on BAFTA award-winning hits where the dedication to craft and player experince shows in every product created.

If you don’t already live in London – Welcome to the good life!

  • One of the most multicultural cities in the World
  • Leading global city in everything from the arts and fashion, technology to gaming
  • Over 7,000 pubs, 270 underground stations and numerous shops, bars, restaurants, castles and even the famous Harry Potter studio
  • Schools in walking distances
  • Hundreds of parks, free museums and art galleries
  • And we haven’t even mentioned that’s it’s the hub for Gaming in Europe.


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