Already well established in the gaming space, Montreal is a leader in the gaming industry. With over 15,000 experts and over 140 studios, you can’t deny the land of opportunity that is Montreal. Coming in at 5th biggest hub in the world, Montréal, otherwise known as the most European City outside of Europe is definitely the place to be for gaming. Despite French being the native language of Montreal, you’ll find the majority of the population speak perfect English.

Gaming Space Gaming space

Montreal is one of the world’s top 5 game production cities. Bursting with creativity and talent, studios have chosen Montreal as their base since the 90’s. Ubisoft made Montreal home in 1997 and haven’t looked back since. Montreal has a reputation in the gaming industry for the production of high design, high budget, high impact games; the Assassin’s Creed franchise is a perfect example. Key players such as Square Enix, EA and WB Games all have roots in Montreal. Known for its diversity and inclusivity, Montreal is the base for vibrant groups such as Queer Tech MTL and also champions the women playing an important role in the gaming space.

Location Relocation

Just under 80 miles out of Montreal, Mont Tremblant is the perfect place to play in the snow. With amazing views and some of the best skiing facilities in Canada. If extreme sports aren’t your thing then there is still lots to explore, Old Montreal is a firm favourite with locals and tourists. Old Montreal is covered in charming old cobblestones streets, lined with restaurants, boutique shops, and museums. Montreal is well connected, New York, Boston and Toronto are no more than a two-hour flight away and the City has a wealth of trains and buses to connect you to neighbouring towns.

Family Families

Another huge attraction to Montreal is that the cost of living is much lower than other North American cities. There is no shortage of affordable properties for sale and to rent, well-suited to family life. There is a wealth of schooling for children of all needs. If children do not have a good grasp of the French language, then public school may not be the best option for them as English is taught as a second language. However, there are many international schools that are fully bilingual and most private schools in Quebec teach in languages other than French.

Top Tips Top Tip

Calling Montreal home since 2017 the Montreal Expo Gaming Arcade, or MEGA is a firm favourite with gamers all over the world. You can meet developers, try new games, play alone or with friends and an arena where you can watch esport tournaments. An absolute must for all gamers!

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